God Bless You! Your message and book is making an impact in my life!

 Sheri D.

Rochester, NY

Recently, I completed reading your book, Big-Hearted People. It has been a fruitful experience. Your use of quotations, biblical and other, set in just the right places enabled me to pause, reflect and be refreshed. I look for a word to hold onto each day, like a life-line but my mind wanders so often. I am thankful to learn from your book, how I might have victory over these distractions.

 Nancy S.

Webster, NY

Get ready to be encouraged! Excellent book for group study (has accompanying study guide on website). Author Schum describes the Christian faith-walk, and shares many personal scenarios, including intimate struggles to spiritual victories. God is glorified throughout. Well worth your investment.

 Debbie H.

West Palm Beach, FL

My sincere appreciation for your inspirational book. I spent many hours enjoying your spritual thoughts and relishing your genuine goodness. There are numerous people who have helped me throughout my life and I realize God has sent them my way. Big-Hearted People come in many ages and sizes. They are all about us supporting and cheering us through good times and times of suffering and pain. Again, I thank you fro your kindness and pray for your intentions to the God who loves us.


Rochester, NY

Big-Hearted People is a well written book from Randy Schum. If I could sum up the theme of this book it would be "making a difference". Randy, elegantly and poetically, has demonstrated to us all that YOU can and DO make a difference in the lives around you. Oftentimes we miss the beauty in simplicity and Big-Hearted People reminds us of the difference makers we can be (and are) in other's lives. The book also creates a pause in your life, to reflect on all those events where family and friends, past and present, have influenced your life in a positive way because they are Big-Hearted. As Randy stated; "Big-Hearted People are just ordinary people with an extraordinary desire to bless others". It's not just a feel-good book, but a chronicle that challenges you to be a giver of your time, talents, and love. A must-read for those serious about adorning Christ's love in a deeply troubled world.

 Steve D.

Rochester, NY

This book is so timely! I have always done my best to give back and serve in the community. I enjoy volunteering and helping others. However, a layoff last year and a physical injury significantly stifled my ability to serve in a capacity that I was used to. I started feeling less significant; like I wasn't doing enough to really make a difference in the lives of others. Big Hearted People showed me how God could still use me to bless others. The journey has been amazing! I am so thankful Randy Schum took the time to author this God-inspired book.

 Andrea Hardaway

Chattanooga, TN

I have read the book and I find it very heart warming to be reminded it is not who we are that makes us a big blessing for others but what we do and the heart behind it. I find the book very good for a new believer and an excellent study guide for a bible study. The author has done a very good job in bringing out a very important principle of life.

 Shirley Bruinsma

Leesburg, FL

Randy Schum goes right to the heart of the Christian matter, with a fresh, inspiring voice.   I loved the peaceful harmony and  rhythm of his message.   When Randy encourages us to be "Big-Hearted" in our own unique ways, he is modeling for us  his own desire not to be a stagnant reservoir, but a river of life for God's people.   Kindness of spirit overflows throughout this book, and I am grateful for it.

 Diane Schneider, J.D., Ph.D.

Walton, KY


As I read Big-Hearted People, I couldn’t help but imagine Randy as the loyal, loving, humble, and faithful scribe carefully attending to and reflecting back to what Jesus desires we all would know (and

practice) about love. It’s God’s challenge that we find the courage to purposefully and authentically live the Big-Hearted life in difficult, big-headed times. This book will stir your soul to reflect on Jesus’

teachings and, as a result, inspire you to open your heart to greater community and fellowship with others. Read this book and I bet you’ll reexamine your life journey as a Big-Hearted Person of faith,

hope, and love—knowing full well that the greatest of these is love.

 Bob DuBois, M.A., L.P.C.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In the midst of cultural pressures which seek to promote self and preserve personal gain, it’s imperative that we invest in content that reminds us to give our lives away for the sake of others. I can think of few more qualified books fit to such a task than Big-Hearted People. Randy is not only a masterful storyteller, but he is also a man who truly practices what he preaches. This is a work of experience, adorned with profound truth. Positive, uplifting, life-changing!

—Christopher Hopper

Author of The White Lion Chronicles and

The Berinfell Prophecies

Clayton, New York

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